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Today’s interesting blog posts – resistance to change and Twitter

These are the blog posts I have found interesting so far today…

Why Twitter is the Teacher’s Best Tool – though I agree that Twitter can be a great tool for teachers, I’m not sure that it quite deserves the superlative of best… I’m sure there are many better tools out there for teachers, including the one housed inside your skull.

What I found fascinating was one person’s reply to that post…

Is this article a joke? As a teacher, my stapler is more useful than twitter. And no, I’m not some tech-phobic dinosaur, I’m a 29 year old former engineer.”

To which my reply (on Twitter) was: “As a teacher, if your stapler is more useful than a form of communication, perhaps you are in the wrong job.”

The second article I have stumbled across was this one entitled 10 reasons your educators (or employees) are resisting your change initiative. I have worked in quite a few schools around New Zealand and I have seen many examples of this resistance, for many of the reasons listed in this article. I think it is important that people (especially employers and trainers) recognise that people rarely resist change for the sake of resisting change. There are underlying reasons, and these reasons are very valid! They must be addressed before forward progress can be achieved.

So how does one address these issues?

That is something I am still working on myself. 🙂


Moodle for Teachers – resources

Just quickly putting together a list of some great Moodle for Teachers resources.

First one is a book on Issuu called Moodle 2.0 for teachers – an illustrated guide. Even if you are still using Moodle 1.9, there are still some very handy and relevant hints and tips in there on how to set up some of the activities and add resources.

Another resource is the Getting Started for Teachers page on MoodleDocs.

Below is also a PDF file called Moodle for Teachers and Trainers. This document takes you through all the different aspects of Moodle that you need to know to get started, from using the HTML editor through to installing your own version of Moodle.

A really awesome Moodle Tool Guide created by Joyce Seitzinger! It’s published under Creative Commons so you can print out and distribute happily.

This is by no means all the resources available, but certainly a good start.

Happy Moodling!


New adventures

As you have probably realised by now, I am not a very reliable or frequent blogger, I am more of a micro-blogger. I use Twitter and Facebook as my main forms of keeping people up-to-date, sharing my thoughts, and finding out what other people are doing.

But I am embarking on new adventures both in my work and personally, so perhaps it is time to put more of an effort into blogging. 🙂

I have started work at the awesome Te Puna Ako in Unitec. Got a really friendly team and am feeling right at home. My official job title is Learning Management System and Web 2.0 Advisor – but it comes down to it that I’m basically the go-to person for Moodle support here at the moment. I’ll also be quite involved in organising the MoodleMoot here in Auckland, which runs from Tuesday 26th to Thursday 28th July 2011. It’ll be held here at Unitec, and organised by HRDNZ (Moodle Partner).

Speaking of HRD… I am still working for them, too. I am developing courses on MoodleBites (especially the MaharaBites course) and facilitating some courses there as well. There are other future plans on the horizon for me at HRD, and I look forward to those!