OpenSim stuff and SLOODLE

Ok, so someone on my Twitter radar posted something about Kitely, and so I went and created my own virtual world in OpenSim to play around in. It keeps crashing when I change textures at the moment, so I will keep playing later. But looks really really good!

So I thought I would also find some other resources to do with OpenSim, as when I arrived in my newly created world I had the scary white-eyed zombie look, so I quickly went in search of eyeball textures and then hair textures and got completely sidetracked… haha.

It’s time for me to head home, but I will be looking into linking this OpenSim environment with SLOODLE on my test Moodle site. Will see how we go.


About M Laidlaw

I work for Waitemata District Health Board as an instructional designer. I enjoy photography, drawing, painting, writing, reading, ice skating, skiing, snowboarding, wind surfing, fire poi and many other things.

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  1. Miriam Laidlaw

    Ahhh ok thanks. Yes, I will most probably be there. Only just started here at Unitec, and have several conferences / events in July filling up my radar at the moment, so I did not yet know about that one. 🙂 I work in the same team as Thom and Vickel.

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