Because I should be blogging more…

… 🙂

Updates on things I have been doing:


I have been organising things to do with the MoodleMoot, since I am the onsite coordinator at Unitec. Been making sure we have rooms, wireless, tables, catering, prodding people for submissions, providing maps, calling schools… MoodleMoot looks like it’ll be really interesting this year! If you haven’t heard about it, or are interested in attending, please visit the site (linked above).


I have sucessfully managed to set up my very own OpenSim island (only locally on my machine) and after some experimentation even managed to get the SLOODLE tools rezzed and hooked up to my Moodle site. I will keep working on this, and when I have something to show I will link it here. I have also been working on the interface that I have in SecondLife in preparation for my presentation at the MoodleMoot.


I’ve been co-facilitating courses on MoodleBites, specifically the MoodleBites for Teachers and MoodleBites for Administrators courses. I am hoping to really up my work on the MoodleBites for Theme Designers course soon, as well.

Moving house

On a personal level… I moved house a month ago. Moved into our very first own home! We’re having a house-warming party this Saturday. We’re getting our couch back tomorrow (it has been off to the manufacturer being repaired). That’ll be nice, actually having somewhere to sit again in the living room. We had even converted our Ottoman into a make-shift seat.

About M Laidlaw

I work for Waitemata District Health Board as an instructional designer. I enjoy photography, drawing, painting, writing, reading, ice skating, skiing, snowboarding, wind surfing, fire poi and many other things.

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  1. any update on using SLOODLE? I’m hoping to get SLOODLE to work on my Kitely Island but have not had luck getting it set up and have not seen anyone who has gotten it to work

    • Sorry to say I haven’t had a chance to play with SLOODLE since I last posted about it here. It’s no longer in my line of work. I did get it working on Kitely with limited success back when Kitely was entirely free. I stopped using the service when they started charging for it (or at least the features I was using), and briefly looked into some OpenSIM stuff, but that was even harder to get set up without your own server to host it on (which I do not have). However, the people in the SLOODLE forums themselves have always been responsive and helpful when I was trying to get things set up. Have you tried asking there?

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