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The eLearning Continuum… where do you sit?

There’s a tweet that, by the looks of the re-tweet trail has done quite the rounds (I see @kattekrab @vanweringh and @ictev) about an eLearning Continuum that has been published by the State of Victoria (Department of Education and Early Childhood Development) 2011. The lovely interactive site is here, but for a nice PDF see below.

So where do you sit on the scale?

I’d like to think that I sit mostly in the transformative, but I know that there are areas that could do with improving. Might be a good little chart to use for some self-evaluation, even if you never show it to anyone, so long as you are honest and use it to improve the areas you find are lacking.

I’m going to work on the last two – ICT Professional Learning and ICT Leadership. 🙂

And on that note, I’m going to go and make sure I have things to model.



For a week or two I haven’t been able to use the HTML editor on any Moodle site, using any browser, on this computer. Eliminated the possibility that it was my profile settings on the Moodle sites (Really? All of them? Unlikely…) because the HTML editor worked fine when I logged into them using my work computer. Also eliminated the possibility that our firewall on our home network was blocking something because a) it worked on my other computer and b) it didn’t work on this computer even when I was at the public library.

Then, it also occured to me that my computer was running a little slower than usual. And every time I tried to shut down or restart, it would say that background programs were running and it couldn’t perform that operation until they had been closed.

One would think, given my knowledge of computers, that alarm bells would be ringing by now. But it has been so long since I’ve had to seriously worry about viruses. I’m so careful with what I download…

… until my forays into OpenSim. I’ve been downloading resources for that from goodness knows what websites. Silly me.

So, two full system scans later and I’ve caught and purged over 40 viruses / trojans from my computer. I’m so embarrassed.