Monthly Archives: August 2011

Themes, CSS and HTML5

Needing to get back into theme design for Moodle 2, and needed to update the look of my site at to reflect a new logo and also abolish the use of tables in favour of divs. So, I sat down with the w3schools site and self-taught myself some HTML5 (which looks awesome, by the way) and played around with a lot of CSS. Dragonslair hasn’t been updated to the new theme yet, though, because I need to still rework a bit of code in the existing structure to match how I’ve rearranged some things.

But… it certainly gives me the confidence to now go and have a look at Moodle 2 theme layouts. Yes, layouts. I spoke with Julian Ridden during the NZ MoodleMoot 2011 and he told me some exciting things about layouts that I just can’t wait to go off and try. Then it’ll be time to keep working on MoodleBites for Theme Designers.

On a personal note – got the inlaws coming to visit this weekend, which will be good. 🙂 I enjoy their company. Also, on the Saturday night I have a photography job (hence the sudden rush to get the Dragonslair site looking how I want it). Then the following weekend I’m going skiing! Woohooo! Hoping to be able to get up north and visit my parents the weekend after that. Been doing Zumba in an effort to get fit, but all I’ve managed to do so far is make myself feel very old and stiff. Ah well, I will persevere.