10 types of online training learners

10 Types of Online Training Learners Infographic
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So I was looking at this and trying to work out where I fit. I think when I start off an online course I’m definitely in the 1 or maybe 2 category. I’m motivated, I’m interested, and I’ll often do extra work because I just want to know more. I then often find at about the halfway mark, or maybe a little later than that, I become a 5. I lose enthusiasm and motivation, often at the point where I feel that I’ve learned the bits I want to learn and so why keep going?

I’m like that in my real life as well. I can play instruments to a certain standard, I can ice skate, snowboard, ski, run, swing fire poi, etc all to a reasonably good standard. I get good at things and then I go “Ok, I can do that, good enough, what’s next?”. I’m a dab hand at a lot of things and master of very few.

What sort of learner are you?

About M Laidlaw

I work for Waitemata District Health Board as an instructional designer. I enjoy photography, drawing, painting, writing, reading, ice skating, skiing, snowboarding, wind surfing, fire poi and many other things.

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