Monthly Archives: March 2015

Week 1 “The power of social media and curation”

Tasks in this post on MOSOMELT.

  • I already had a Twitter account @moodlelair
  • I already had a Google+ account
  • I already had a WordPress account

The task to create a Vine or Instagram video also requires you to have those accounts. I already have both, but they’re for personal use, so I signed up to Vine with my @moodlelair Twitter account to complete this task. It was simple to do.

The only irritation points with the accounts is that despite having linked my WordPress and Twitter, and my Vine and Twitter, the automatic posting to Twitter isn’t working for me. So I’m just posting both manually using the “Share to Twitter” feature on the posts once they’re published.

Edit: Realised the Vine/Instagram thing is week 2… heh. This is what happens when you try to catch up with three weeks.

Vine video

My Vine video. You’re welcome for my scary face.

I recorded this three times. I first had to install Vine on my work phone, then sign up (easy enough to do with my Twitter account), and then work out that there’s no front-facing camera on my work phone so to record my face I had to turn it around and hope I was pointing it in the right direction!

First two times I recorded the video, I ticked the option to share to Twitter on the confirmation page before uploading. They seemed to vanish into a black hole. Third time I thought I’d JUST tick the option to post to Vine (and share manually to Twitter later), and that worked. So something is wrong with the Twitter bit of my Vine app. Harrumph.


First impression… I can’t figure out what to do. Is there a list of tasks somewhere? What is even going on here?

There was a lot of stuff that needed to be known ahead of time to even get to the point of signing up, and I do already have lots of accounts everywhere (which is useful), but I can see that the general populace would be quite… put off.

I THINK I have now signed up properly, and I’ve joined the Google+ community, and I’m writing this entry. Now what?